We are an independent school for kids. Our experience help us to teach the youngest kids with awesome results. We use only the best methods and systems to improve learning.

Activities are designed to hone the observation of the kids to enable them to grasp concepts easily. We use PLAY- BASED curriculum to support child's early learning programme. 

Effective learning is encouraged through highly engaging  activities. Our focus is to help our kids become good communicators so that they are able to understand their surroundings better.  Activities like pasting, counting, clay modelling, puzzle games, block building etc improve eye- hand coordination.

See, touch and feel method is used to provide kids with the first hand experience. This method of 'do it yourself' is a wonderful, fun filled and interactive medium which makes it easier to recognise and memorize.

The curriculum is divided into following categories:

1.  Recognition 

2.  Intellectual skill development 

3.  Creative skill development